About us

Who is Phoenix Pet Sitting?

We are a family owned and operated professional in-home pet sitting service located in North Phoenix. The day-to-day business operation is done by owners Kevin and Wendy Mark, assisted by Darren Mark. Jillian is currently focusing on her career in Personnel and Communications. Our two additional family members are Alia (Lab mix who enjoys playing in thunderstorms) and her brother Zeke (who loves howling at fire trucks as they pass).

Kevin and Wendy who grew up and then raised their own family in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas have had the privilege of sharing their homes with many types of animals. Dogs they have loved range from Dachshunds, a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix, Boston Terriers, a Saint Bernard, Cockapoo, English Bulldog, and Boxers.

Kevin as a child was involved in 4-H and was a member of the ARBA – American Rabbit Breeders Association. His rabbits won blue ribbons at the Maricopa County Fair. He also rescued and raised Pigeons.

Additionally, together they had a Zebra Dun horse name Geronimo; Cats named Snowflake, PJ, Slinky; Little-she and Pansy; a Tortoise; Tropical fish aquariums; a Green Parrot; Parakeets and Ducks.

Growing up the human kids, Darren and Jillian, had a diverse menagerie of pets including many Jumbo Rats; two Leopard Geckos named Apollo and Isabella; a Bearded Dragon named Angus; a Green Iguana named Gizmo; a Turtle; a Garter Snake; a Frog; a Water Snake; a Hermit Crab; many Hampsters; Guinea Pigs; a Sun Conure named Scooter; Betta Fish; Cats named Stormy, Ali-boo and Littlefoot; and Rabbits..

As a family they also had a large Saltwater aquarium for many years. Kevin spent many long hours designing and engineering his own apparatus for the tank.

The family dogs were an Afghan hound – Tazi; Rough Collie – Karli; Chocolate Lab – Starbucks; Australian Shepherd – Scully; German Shepherds – Schultz, Ace and Flash; Bichon-Frise and Poodle mix – Lucy; and a red Border Collie – Samantha.

Darren and Jillian, spent many summers at the Phoenix Zoo attending Camp Zoo and learning about animals from all over the world. Jillian earned her Pet First Aid Certification during the Zoo Teen Program.

Because pets are such a large part of their home life, and they have experienced the worry and concern firsthand when having to leave their furry and scaly loved ones in the care of another when going away, they decided to expand their natural affinity for animals and experience into their professional lives as well. In this way they can help other pet owners by offering peace of mind that their pets are receiving the same excellent care, attention and devotion the Marks provide their own pets. Now you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing your pets are in their loving and capable hands!

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide your pets with the same excellent care, attention and devotion you provide them on a regular basis. We conduct business with the highest integrity, fulfilling our responsibilities to our clients to ensure your confidence and trust. We strive to earn your commitment to us for the future.

Bonded & Insured

Dog and Cat CPR & 1st Aid Certified!